We’re it

Do not get stuck in any healing modality, (including plant medicine journeying), for too long. Do not give your power away and create another religioun for yourself or others. Use the tools from different healing modalities, including meditation, to go deeper within yourself. The best kept secret is that YOU’RE it. You don’t need to pray in a certain way. You don’t even have to pray at all as you’re the one you’re praying to. Stop giving your power away to deities, to ascended masters (including Jesus here), angels, gods, goddesses, rituals, spirit guides, governments, religiouns and even the creator. There is no such thing as a creator. Who created the creator? Just shine your truth from your core self, beyond the chakra or kundalini systems. Embrace all that comes your way and learn what needs to be learned.rebirth-1

Don’t stay stuck in an unhappy co-dependant relationship due to your fear of being alone. Embrace your fears one by one, welcome them in and watch them burst open and dissipate. We are here to learn, transform and create. We are CREATOR GODS AND GODDESSES. We are awakening to that! Along our path we will need to break through and release many distorted limiting programs and beliefs that keep us trapped in fear. The minute you commit to the path of self-realisation and truth seeking, your soul and higher self will bring ALL you need in your day to day life to ascend. While you’re on this road it may feel as if all HELL is breaking loose. We may lose many friends and family along the way as we break free from the ties that bind us blindly to the past. Keep the faith! You’re it .. not the little ego you that is living in fear, (although this is an important part of you too of course), but rather the BIG CREATOR GOD within you. That is what is wanting to burst forth. Die to THAT. Let go and die to that. xx

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