“I am still pinching myself about the sessions I’ve had so far with Louisa, in that they’ve helped me resolve such deep and long-standing issues (which I’d come to wonder if I’d ever get underneath). I’m in awe of her work as she blends Internal Family Systems, Kinesiology and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with such grace and ease, and it’s a powerful combination to work with issues held at any level in the body (physical, emotional etc.) I am recommending her to many clients too, as it goes together with my own work so well; it all feels like a powerful combination for my own healing as well as that of my clients. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Deborah Maddison, Breathwork Practitioner and Trainer, Certified TRE Provider

"Louisa is the real thing: a healer in body mind and spirit.  For me coping with invasive breast cancer and the clients I have referred to her her loving and intuitive work is life-changing.  She was part of the team that helped me astonish the medics and turn that  situation into "all gone!"

One aspect I particularly appreciate is her kinaesthetic assessment of which supplements your body needs at any given time. I trust her completely."

Kit Stapeley

“Before my first visit to Louisa I had little experience of holistic therapies so went with an open mind as to whether it would be right for me. Louisa is immediately warm and friendly as we discussed the reason for my visit. Using muscle testing (a light touch technique) she was able to discover the cause of my symptoms, including a condition presenting as a skin rash which I had had for more than 30 years, and has now gone. The same technique tested for the necessary supplements (purchased independently) and which foods to eliminate from my diet to start healing. As mind and body are intrinsically linked the EFT healing has been an essential part of the process. As I have a chronic condition I continue to see `Louisa on a regular basis but know that I am healing. Louisa has a wealth of experience and understanding and I do not want to imagine what my life would be like now if I had not found her.”

Sarah Hewitt

"Louisa has treated our whole family now and it’s been super helpful. We’ve got rid of candida, including a couple of tricky cases. It’s been terrific to know which foods my children and we thrive on. Louisa’s healing treatments are profound and she keys into what’s going on quickly in terms of emotions and history. Our autistic son can be nervous around new people, especially health practitioners: they struck up a beautiful friendship from the first appointment. His gut is healing and he’s becoming more relaxed, social and able to engage with people and make friends his age.”"

Ross and Emily

"I went to see Louisa suffering from 3 years of mild brain damage due to a bike accident as I hadn’t been able to work full time or use my brain in a lot of ways. After one session with Louisa I was gob smacked at the difference: my brain started functioning in a ways it hadn’t since the accident and I returned to full time work. I’m not saying I was completely restored, but the difference was utterly remarkable to me ."


"Louisa has to my mind the most incredible healing skills that I have ever encountered. I am lucky enough to have met, interviewed and worked with many healers. There is something about Louisa’s approach and healing skills that is out of the ordinary and totally special. I have recommended Louisa to many friends who have all been left feeling about her work as I do – that she has a unique and very specially highly tuned ability to heal. Expect miracles!"

(Positive News)

"Wanna know what re-birthing feels like?….. this workshop for me was like vipassana, ayahuasca and giving birth all rolled into one…. It really was about coming to life….. I felt soooo incredible afterwards…. Come if you feel the calling I highly recommend it…”"

Marie Palmer

"Wow, what a weekend! Louisa held a beautiful, safe space that allowed for deep inner journeying. I was able to access and release trauma that I have never been able to reach before. Having worked with shamanic medicines in the past, I was amazed that the breath work techniques used were even more powerful and effective. I felt totally supported and understood during the retreat. We used a variety of techniques including EFT, stress release and expressive dance, which I now feel confident to use at home in my daily practice. Louisa has an innate gift to make you feel totally comfortable to go into your wound and to express and release any pain necessary. I left the retreat feeling lighter and more confident, having released so much stored pain and transformed it to joy and love. I would thoroughly recommend this retreat to anyone who has experienced trauma, loss, or just wants to empower themselves on the path towards emotional freedom."


"Thank you for your email. I am well after the retreat. I am so glad that I attended the weekend. You created such a safe and loving space. The meditations and techniques were both powerful and simple which means that I have been able to incorporate them into my routines. I am finding the EFT very good mainly because it i so simple ad the affirmations that you gave me are spot on. I am enjoying the meditation and stress relief too. I’ve yet to try them on someone else, but the day will come sooner rather than later I feel. The breath work was so powerful although I haven’t tried it at home yet. It was good because I was able to release things that I thought I had already cleared – so getting rid of last straggling bits was vey helpful."


"I like to highly recommend Louisa Love and her incredible gift, space holding and healing methods !….. It was very gentle process for me during the session and yet deep for me a big release happened after the session in the days to follow….. speaking up and being heard was a massive part of it…..that night it started, I cried so much over the next two days my eyes where swollen and hurt so much …. I had to rest. now a physical release through a cough is helping me to shift the last remnants (bringing me so many insights of what my body wants me to hear)….time to love myself a little more!!
I had to say some words to a dear loved one, that I had been unconsciously holding back for fear of loss. infact I was crying so much that I wasn’t actually in ‘control’ of the words…..it just came out.
whatever i said was received and I felt I was heard, I felt a massive release and place with in of deep empowerment and holding from my core being and still have it!
Its been a week since I saw you louisa and so much has shifted allowing love to flow, for myself ultimately and with this the energies of love can be shared with ease and grace…..
My goodness what a different space I’m in! didn’t even know why i was coming to see you!

Genie Being

"Louisa is a compassionate healer who uses Theta healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Kinsiology and Bushflower Remedies which help in overcoming any of the challenges that life presents us. I did some sessions with Louisa in January 2013 where we experienced some amazing shifts. Alongside Theta healing, Louisa used a Kinesiology stress relief technique on me that was very powerful, helping me regain tranquility and clarity. I immediately felt lighter after my sessions with Louisa and wanted to learn Theta Healing so I could continue working on myself and help others. I have recently completed the basic and advanced theta training. I will continue doing sessions with Louisa to assist in clearing anything that comes up for me and thank her dearly for helping me when I most needed it."

Sally Jane Roberts

"Dear Louisa, I just wanted to thank you. I was part of a workshop you held in “Samsara Mind and Body” in August, about “healing past traumas”. You teached us a technique called EFT I knew nothing about at that time….I’ve been using it since then almost every day and I’m really happy about it. It really works !I used to be very depressed and I’m feeling really good now. I feel like I’ve healed all these past traumas (hopefully !)…I’ve just thought about thanking you, as I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t been part of this workshop (and, as EFT is a free stuff you can find online, you made me save a lot of money !!)Thanks again, I feel very grateful."


"Louisa Love has helped bring happiness back into my life. I’ve learned to face and overcome childhood trauma with simple techniques. To meditate and let go of stress. To change damaging behaviour. And to open myself to a spiritually richer understanding of my place in the world."


"Nothing I had tried before has worked so quickly and in such an amazing way!"

Juliet Whyte

"We worked specifically on my life long snake phobia, something that had kept me in the depths of fear and had prevented me from living my life with a sense of security and purpose. I can't explain exactly how it happened, but at some point I realized where my fear was originating from inside myself. Louisa helped me to see that, and removed any negative feelings I was experiencing as a result. I left with a new sense of awe and wonder, for the world and myself."

Kerry Ferreira

"Louisa is a gifted and adept healer. Her work is deep, connected and powerful yet gentle and respectful. Anyone fortunate enough to work with her will find it tremendously useful."

Sonya Sophia

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