Overcoming candida .. my story

1508562_10152221559562165_76342750_nAs a child I was often given antibiotics while being fed a high sugar diet in an extremely stressful family environment. I used to suffer terrible stomach cramps, and remember being taken from specialist to specialist, and in the end being told that it was all in my head.  As a teenager I experienced extremely bad premenstrual tension coupled with heavy periods, acne and heavy depression. I suffered sexual and emotional abuse during my childhood, and at age 15 I tried to commit suicide. It seemed only natural to escape into a world of recreational drug taking, which is what I did until my mid twenties.

During my early twenties I started feeling extreme fatigue and I stated to notice that eating certain foods would make me feel worse. One of my friends informed me about candida overgrowth, and I decided to undertake the famous no wheat, sugar, dairy, fruit candida diet. I felt immediate improvement on the diet, and once I finished the diet and tried to go back to eating wheat my body simply wouldn’t allow it. Now I really noticed its negative effects on me. I started detoxing, and eating what I thought was a healthier diet, which included foods such as beans, soya and pulses. By the time I was 26 I fell into a state where I was so tired, anxious, depressed and physically ill that I started to spend more hours in bed asleep than I did awake. When I’d wake in the mornings my eyes would be red, stick together, and my head would feel thick and tired. I was also experiencing heavy ‘brain fog’ symptoms, and my memory became so poor I’d often forget mid sentence what it was that I was talking about. My chest was constantly infected and filled with mucus, and my voice was also permanently affected. I couldn’t sing any more, and I am a singer.  All the doctors I spoke to at the time simply did not believe in Candida overgrowth, so I started looking towards holistic alternative practitioners.  I tried acupuncture for over a year. I would have slight improvements on the day of treatment, but it never cleared the candida. I tried homeopathy to no avail.

When I was 28 I was finally introduced to the woman who would help me heal myself with Applied Kinesiology, also known as muscle testing. For the first time in years I was with someone who was an expert in gut related ailments, especially concerning the overgrowth of candida and parasites. She understood the process of elimination as she herself also had experienced candida overgrowth and returned to strong health after seeing a kinesiologist. By the time I saw her, my body was swimming in toxins. I was intolerant to beans, soya and pulses, and had been eating these foods for years thinking how healthy I was being.  Finally with the aid of kinesiology I was able to take the guesswork out of what my body needed. I stopped smoking cigarettes and taking drugs, and cleaned up my diet to a point where I was mainly only eating fish, vegetables, nuts, fruit and seeds. For the first time in years I was able to eat fruit again, and this in itself was such a blessing.  After my first session I had to detox my body from all the excess toxins, and then, after my second session I was on the fungal cleansers. It took me about 5 to 6 months to actually clear the candida overgrowth. After this amazing feat, we started doing deep emotional clearing and work during our sessions.  These sessions were invaluable and I started understanding how my painful past had affected my physical health.  The candida also returned a few times after stressful episodes, so I had to learn how to respond in a more peaceful way to life.  I started detoxing not only my diet, but also my mind.

Towards the end of 2009 I was lead on a path of Theta Healing.  With Theta Healing I was able to remove all the limiting beliefs that was attracting the candida back into my body.  Candida was now well and truly in the past.  I have since felt compelled to help heal others as I was healed, and completed my own practitioners Kinesiology training in 2012 with distinction. I also studied advanced Theta Healing including various other Theta courses, Reiki level 2, and a Bushflower Remedy course in the Australian Bush Flower Essence range.  I went back to the woman who helped me heal and she gave me extra training specifically looking at candida and parasite overgrowth.  I now see clients, and have helped many of them successfully clear candida.  It is such a great feeling when I give someone the all clear. In many ways I see this as only the beginning. Life is constantly bringing us new opportunities for ways of learning and growing. After year and years of personal work, doing daily EFT, Theta and Kinesiology treatments on myself I experienced a spontaneous Kundalini activation/awakening in April 2013. Life is now bringing me new ways of learning and deeper levels of understanding, and even though it comes with its own challenges too, I feel deeply blessed for my path. I see candida as a gift. It certainly woke me up from a life filled with toxins, denial and depression. I hope that my story may inspire others to never give up on their healing path. I honestly now believe with every inch and cell of my being that ANYTHING can be healed.


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