Fear Busting our way to Radical Freedom

For many years, the way I used to deal with fear was to avoid whatever it was I felt afraid of. For instance I would not express my truth so as to avoid confrontation and possible rejection or judgment. The fear of not being good enough would stop me from shinsearching my light and expressing my true self. For so many years I allowed for fear to rule my life, keeping me small, disempowered, held back and frustrated. I used to suffer terrible panic attacks and anxiety, so clearly my avoidance of what I feared was not working!

If we want to be radically free, we need to be willing to bust through all of our fears one by one until we can be our true free and fearless selves in all circumstances.

So how do we bust through fear you may ask? By embracing them of course. In other words, instead of avoiding being alone EMBRACE being alone. Instead of avoiding confrontation EMBRACE confrontation. To bust through fear we need to be courageous and face whatever it is we’re afraid of. It is the ONLY way to free ourselves authentically on all levels. Once you’ve managed to bust through a particular fear a few times, it won’t feel like you’re busting anymore. It will just feel natural and great and empowering to be who you really are beyond fear.images-2

When we fully embrace our fears we are living life authentically in full faith and trust. We trust ourselves and we trust that life, as an extension of ourselves, is bringing us exactly what we need to be free.

The truth is we are judged, we are misunderstood, we are alone, we are rejected, etc., and when we can truly accept this, and embrace it, we free ourselves from the need to be understood, accepted or loved. We LOVE ourselves enough to not give a flying toss whether others care or not, whether they hate us, judge, abandon or reject us. Now that is radical freedom!

So how on earth can we find the courage to fear bust in this way? Emotional Freedom Technique is probably the most powerful energetic technique out there for fear busting. It is acupuncture for the soul. By tapping on specific meridian points and making the right affirmation we systematically break through any emotional conflict or fears.

I suggest tapping statements for fear along the lines of, “even though I am judged/rejected/hated etc, I unconditionally love and accept myself, and I trust in the process of life” or “I trust in my lovability” etc

We tap this in relation to any fear that life is pointing us towards. Life will continuously show us where we still have fear, as it wants for us to free ourselves. We need to empower ourselves and commit to the inner worksearch-2 that is required to free ourselves radically, authentically and for good.

I choose not to be enslaved by fear any longer. I choose to be myself, express my truth in all circumstance, and I choose freedom!


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