Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT also known as tapping is an alternative therapy that can reduce anxiety, depression, PTSD, and many other symptoms too. According to Gary Craig, who developed this method, it can also help to balance energy flow and reduce physical and emotional pain. I use EFT daily, and have used it with great success on my clients. I studied different tapping techniques during my Kinesiology T.A.S.K training, and continue to use it with great success on my clients.

  • Clear trauma
  • Clear daily emotional triggers
  • Bust through fears
  • Clear resentment and toxic anger
  • Empowers with strong self-love and boundaries
  • Forgiveness
  • Taking Responsibility

EFT I find fantastic for self-healing, and I love teaching it to my clients, to empower them to help themselves, as it is great for emergencies, such as anxiety or fears, anger, or trauma.

When we truly love and have compassion for all of who we are, we will automatically have unconditional love and compassion for everyone else too. This is the way it works with this healing work. It is THAT powerful!

For more information on EFT go to www.tapping.com

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