Embracing the Wound

When we are able to embrace our wounds, our pain and suffering, our difficult lessons, we are truly alive, walking our ascension path in full faith, taking full responsibility for our lives. Gratitude is then easily able to pour through our being Gratitude for the good, the bad and the ugly. Embracing the wounds within and without is KEY for our own enlightenment and ascension process.


How can we really walk our path in faith and trust? How is it possible when we go through a painful divorce, lose a loved one, or are made redundant?9212066_s

We are able to move into faith when we truly realise that pain is a catalyst, as it is a contrast to our joy, and a necessary part of our spiritual growth. No amount of deleting, bypassing or denial of this truth will make it go away. I know, as I’ve tried it, and it doesn’t work. Eventually the challenge will come knocking on your door for you to move to the next phase of your path. The key here is to stay present, to remain conscious, and to realise you’re in a spiritual growth spurt. The wound is the key to our personal freedom when embraced, accepted and appreciated for what it is.

When I was pregnant with my first child I really wanted an orgasmic home birth. I BELIEVED with every fibre of my being that I would have that blissful birth, and of course life, God, my soul, handed me the opposite, no, actually, not the opposite, but rather the TRUTH. The truth was that giving birth hurts, and that no amount of positive affirmations would change that truth. I fought every single contraction. I suffered in great pain and misery and my body clamped up. I ended up in hospital having a cesarean section. By the time I gave birth to my second child I felt prepared for the pain of childbirth. I embraced the pain, and was able to enjoy the experience. It was still agonisingly painful, and there were still moments of despair, but I had this courageous warrior energy I lacked during my first birth. By facing the pain head on and embracing it my body was able to open up for a vaginal delivery. When we face our pain we open up to new ways of being.

We really are onions, and the layers of our emotions, past traumas and pain will surface for us to heal and let go of. Our job is to pay attention and to work through each layer with determined dedication. With each layer released we are clearer, lighter and more prepared for merging with our divinity. We can choose to stagnate and get lost in our dramas, or we can choose to uncover, unfold and release what no longer serve us.

Taking Responsibility

We have been conditioned to live our lives blaming others for our problems. We are so deep in the whole victim drama; we are drowning in self-pity. When I woke up to the 5th dimension April 2013 it became very clear to me very quickly that this was no place for playing the victim card. Victim Consciousness is the old 3rd dimensional way of living, and self-empowerment by taking responsibility is the way of the 5th dimensional spiritual warrior.

 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping, is a wonderful alternative healing technique that really helped me step out of victimhood. I looked at my life with great honesty and every single moment of victimisation, past and present, I tapped on. The set up statement would go something like this.18596724_s

“Even though I feel like such a victim because such and such happened, I now take full responsibility for attracting it into my life to grow”.

I tapped this statement on so many different incidents, and it became a KEY statement when I was doing forgiveness work. I would then tap through the blessings that came from the incident. EFT is a fantastic tool along this path as we are able to cry, laugh, growl, get down and dirty in the emotional chaos of it and then feel how that energy just dissipates from our being. I usually have a good yawn on each meridian or tapping point, and that would be my indicator for moving on to the next point. I literally tapped my way out of victimhood into self-empowerment. (This was not an overnight process, but a daily process that took a few years).


When we consciously look at our lives, and see the blessings that have emerged from our past pain it becomes easier to step into gratitude for any present conflict or pain that is arising. When we can truly master being grateful for our present pain then we start to master our path, flowing and accepting what is with determined grace.

So challenge yourself the next time you’re facing your shadow, and move into a state of gratitude. When we’re grateful, it is the ultimate sign of walking our path in faith.

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