How to be Radically Free

a handbook for spiritual empowerment and freedom

How to be Radically Free is no ordinary book on spiritual awakening. Louisa Love, a practicing Kinesiologist whose client list includes high-profile figures such as Hollywood actors and royalty, has a knack for simplifying complex spiritual topics. In her highly anticipated debut book, Louisa Love offers various self-help tools such as Emotional Freedom Technique, meditation, and connected Breathwork, to name only a few, to assist the reader in purifying their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies in order to break free from what she refers to as 'the matrix' or 'hypnotic dream state' humans are enslaved by. Her mission is clear, and it is to assist others with self-empowerment whilst suggesting how to break free from the false masks such as over-politeness we’re taught to wear by society, religions and even the New Age Movement. From physical detoxes to forgiveness work, How to be Radically Free is jam-packed with powerful and easily accessible self-help tools and information for the spiritual seeker who truly yearns for freedom from past pain, fear and low self-worth, and to inspire them to create an empowered soul fulfilling life. How to Be Radically Free beckons us to connect with our deepest and truest feelings and to come back to life as we honour our truth in every given moment. Louisa says, “Essentially the book is not about becoming spiritual, but rather about becoming your true empowered authentic self.