How to be Radically Free

a handbook for spiritual empowerment and freedom

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I wrote and published my first book in 2018, on healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This book can act as a guide for my clients to empower themselves further on their own path of healing.

"How To Be Radically Free is a siren song that cuts through our culture's current confusion pointing us away from the conditioning and unconsciousness that has the world tied in knots. Rather, it aims us toward something long forgotten but entirely necessary - a ferocity that has purity at its heart and a deep desire for truth. No bullshit! could be Louisa Love's message and boy do we need to hear it.

She directs us away from looking out there for answers and turns our attention to the problem within. And there is only one problem - through various traumas and conditioning, both collective and personal, we have denied our birthright in favour of a people-pleasing passivity.

Wake up! she cries, delivering a radical and entirely sensible rallying cry that is both fierce and loving, reminding me of the Sufi mystics of old.

As I was reading I felt instantly empowered and had a scene from a favourite film pop into my head. In it, an author has titled his book The Boat Rocker. Well this book is another boat rocker and faint hearts had better stay in bed, but you'd be missing out if you do.

Get it, read it and return to yourself quick smart. Love warriors are sorely needed!"

Simon Heathcote

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