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My childhood going into my mid-twenties was filled with trauma, anxiety, depression and a whole lot of suffering. No wonder I ended up getting very ill with auto-immune disorder and sestemic candida albicans at the age of 26! The doctors did not know what to do with me, and I felt utterly helpless as I finally hit rock bottom. It was during this challenging time that I made a decision to do whatever it would take to get well.

I was introduced to a kinesiologist who helped me heal myself. I changed my diet, and dedicated myself to my path of healing. Once my physical body healed I began to deeply heal my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It has been a long intensive process of soul purification, and I have used various different healing techniques to clear and heal myself on a daily basis.

These days I use my intuition coupled with many years of experience and training to assist my clients to empower and free themselves emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. I use kinesiology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique also known as tapping), certain aspects of DNA theta healing for changing beliefs, meditation, bush flower remedies, eye rotation therapy, breathing techniques similar to rebirthing for emotional body clearing, chakra balancing, and I work with various herbs and nutrition to support the physical body to detox from candida, parasite and heavy metal toxicity. I am passionate about soul evolution, self-realisation, and living our lives as sovereign human beings.

My Qualifications:

  • T.A.S.K Practitioner of Kinesiology (with distinction)
  • Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology
  • Advanced Communications Training (NLP)
  • Basic, Advanced, Manifestation and Abundance, Game of Life Theta Healing Practitioner
  • Reiki 2
  • Australian Bush Flower Practitioner
  • Degree in Bachelors of Arts from University of Cape Town
  • Awakened Kundalini


”I went to see Louisa suffering from 3 years of mild brain damage due to a bike accident as I hadn’t been able to work full time or use my brain in a lot of ways. After one session with Louisa I was gob smacked at the difference: my brain started functioning in a ways it hadn’t since the accident and I returned to full time work. I’m not saying I was completely restored, but the difference was utterly remarkable to me .”


“Louisa Patterson has helped bring happiness back into my life. I’ve learned to face and overcome childhood trauma with simple techniques. To meditate and let go of stress. To change damaging behaviour. And to open myself to a spiritually richer understanding of my place in the world.”


“We worked specifically on my life long snake phobia, something that had kept me in the depths of fear and had prevented me from living my life with a sense of security and purpose. I can’t explain exactly how it happened, but at some point I realized where my fear was originating from inside myself. Louisa helped me to see that, and removed any negative feelings I was experiencing as a result. I left with a new sense of awe and wonder, for the world and myself.”

Kerry Ferreira

“Wanna know what re-birthing feels like?….. this workshop for me was like vipassana, ayahuasca and giving birth all rolled into one…. It really was about coming to life….. I felt soooo incredible afterwards…. Come if you feel the calling I highly recommend it…”

Marie Palmer