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    I reside in Frome, Somerset, and my name is Louisa.  I am a fully qualified T.A.S.K. Kinesiologist (with distinction), Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, EFT Practitioner and Bush Flower Remedy and Reiki Practitioner. I also use various breathe techniques to assist my clients in clearing trapped or stuck emotions and trauma.


“Louisa has to my mind the most incredible healing skills that I have ever encountered. I am lucky enough to have met, interviewed and worked with many healers. There is something about Louisa’s approach and healing skills that is out of the ordinary and totally special. I have recommended Louisa to many friends who have all been left feeling about her work as I do – that she has a unique and very specially highly tuned ability to heal. Expect miracles!”  Dana Amma Day (Positive News)

I am passionate about natural health, energy healing and soul advancement, and have immersed myself in holistic studies since I recovered from a two year illness caused by candida albicans in 2005.  After many years of self-healing, receiving energy treatments, pure diet, yoga and mediation, during April 2013, I experienced a powerful Kundalini awakening, which has really given me a deeper understanding of this healing journey.

I am particularly passionate about helping my clients detox from candida, heavy metal and parasite toxicity.  I have discovered from my own experience, and from working with my clients, that these toxins lie at the core of most degenerative disorders. So many people are walking around in a toxic fog, and they have no idea how to get clear and healthy anymore. I believe we are meant to wake in the morning feeling light, clear, filled with energy, and ready for the day.

Unfortunately we live in a very toxic world. There are toxins in the air, our food and also within our relationship. Did you know that anger and hatred can be stored within the body as toxins too?  This is why it is so important to clear toxins holistically looking at each person individually, as we are all bio-chemically unique. When we do not detox in a safe way with the assistance of an expert, we may go into a healing crisis. I use unique herbal combinations, vitamins and minerals to help my clients get clear and healthy. SAM_0980

I also believe we are powerful creators! It is essential that we let go of limiting beliefs, feelings and negative programs/patterns, so that we can take full responsibility for ourselves and learn to live our lives from our highest selves, where love and joy can pour out of our beings as we follow our soul’s true calling. Living in full alignment with our highest truth is integral to this process.

How do we live our lives in an enlightened way?  We do this by loving and accepting all of who we are of course. We shine light, love, compassion and acceptance on all of our shadow, rejected and denied parts. Once we heal and integrate our shadow and ego selves, we will automatically have love and compassion for everyone around us too. This process can take time, and we need to stay committed to our own soul purification to see real results. Emotional Freedom Technique is a POWERFUL healing technique that assists with this process.

I LOVE what I do, and see each and every client as a unique expression of our divine universe. So whether you are feeling slightly unsatisfied with your life, or whether you have a serious illness, I am willing, able and feel honoured to assist and support you in your soul’s journey. Claim back your power and balance your mind, body and spirit. I will gladly assist you in this process.